Dilworth Little League


Dilworth offers Little League Baseball for players aged 4-12, Softball for players aged 6-14, and Big League Baseball for players aged 13-18. Dilworth’s Little League programs are divided based on Little League Ages, as determined by the Little League Age Charts for Baseball. This provides each player the opportunity to enjoy age-appropriate skills development and competition.

Baseball Age Guide

Player BirthdateLL Age(s)Baseball Division
9/2017 - 8/20194, 5Tee Ball
This division is for beginners and second-year players learning the fundamentals of hitting and fielding. 1 practice, 1 game per week.
9/2016 - 8/20176Coach Pitch
This division is for players with previous Tee Ball experience and is also appropriate for beginners. Players attempt to hit thrown pitches and then hit from a tee if they are unsuccessful. 1 practice, 2 games per week.
9/2014 - 8/20167-8Machine Pitch
This division is generally for players with previous organized baseball experience and some beginners. Players hit off of a spring-loaded pitching machine and participate in a season-ending tournament. 1 practice, 2 games per week.
9/2011 - 8/20149-11Minors
This division is generally for players with previous organized baseball experience but also some beginners. This is the first level of player-pitch baseball. Teams participate in a season-ending tournament. 1 practice, 2 games per week.
9/2010 - 8/201310-12Majors
Majors is the highest, most competitive level of play for this age group. Players are selected to play on a Majors team by one of the established coaches after an evaluation process. Players who are not selected are assigned to a Minors team. 1-2 practices, 2 games per week.
9/2004 - 8/201013-18Juniors / Seniors / 18U
Dilworth’s Big Leagues provide players an opportunity to continue playing baseball on larger and full-sized fields with their friends in a fun, competitive, and structured environment.

Softball Age Guide

Player BirthdateAgeSoftball Division
1/1/2014 - 12/31/20168U8U Modified Pitch
This division is for both beginners and previously organized softball experience. Players attempt to hit from player thrown pitches and also coach pitches. Pitchers at 8U may only pitch two (2) innings in consecutive games.
1/1/2012 - 12/31/201310U10U Fast Pitch
This division is for both beginners and previously organized softball experience. Pitchers at 10U may only pitch five (5) innings per two consecutive games.
1/1/2008-12/31/201114U14U Fast Pitch
This division is for both beginners and previously organized softball experience. Pitchers at 14U may only pitch seven (7) innings per two consecutive games.

Frequently Asked Questions

Players are generally not permitted to play up or down.  In limited circumstances, however, the League will consider allowing players who are new to baseball to play down a division in younger age groups.  For example, new baseball players at age 6 may request to play Tee Ball and new baseball players at age 7 may request to play Coach Pitch.  At age 8 and above, exceptions are generally not granted.  To request an exception, contact the division commissioner of the program you are applying to join:  Tee Ball or Coach Pitch/Machine Pitch.

You will have the opportunity note a request for teammate(s) or coach during the registration process, under Special Requests. 

Tee Ball and Coach Pitch teams are assigned by the Division Commissioners, who will generally attempt to honor coach and teammate requests subject to roster limitations.  Coach and friend requests in Machine Pitch will be considered, however, priority is given to maximizing competitive fairness.  Minors and Majors teams are determined by league coaches and consideration generally cannot be given to coach or teammate requests.

If you have a special circumstance, such as a carpool dependency, please make a note in the Special Requests during Registration. 

Yes, Dilworth is proud to offer financial assistance to ensure all kids have the opportunity to play baseball if they are interested.  Contact FinancialAid@DilworthLL.org with any questions or to receive a code that you can use during the registration process.

Skills evaluations are not “try-outs”!  All players registered for baseball will be assigned to a team consistent with their age and skill level.  Dilworth conducts player evaluations to enable team assignments intended to maximize fairness and player enjoyment and to provide eligible players an opportunity to be drafted onto a Majors team.

Dilworth conducts two evaluations – for players ages 9-12 and for players ages 7-8.  Evaluations are conducted on weekends in late February and early March.  Following registration, players will be divided into groups and assigned a one-hour evaluation window.

  • The Majors/Minors Evaluation, for players age 9-12, is mandatory for players interested in being drafted into the major league. However, it is strongly recommended that all players age 9-12 (who are not already on a major league team) attend the Minors/Majors Evaluations to enable teams to be assigned evenly.
  • Machine Pitch evaluations are conducted for players age 7-8. The purpose of the Machine Pitch evaluation is to enable teams to be built fairly and evenly and to ensure players are registered appropriately based on skill level and experience.

Players are eligible to play in Dilworth if they live inside the league boundary OR if they attend an elementary, middle or high school that sits within the league boundary. This regulation applies to public and private schools located within our boundaries (for example, Trinity Episcopal School, both Dilworth Elementary School, St. Patrick’s and St. Ann’s Schools, Park Road Montessori and Holy Trinity Middle School) but does not apply to home schools, cyber schools, sports-related schools, sports academies or preschool or after-school programs. To be eligible to play for Dilworth Little League under the “school rule,” you must complete Little League’s School Enrollment Form.

Dilworth is a volunteer-run league and we depend on volunteer coaches.  There are few experiences more rewarding!  You can register as a Manager or Assistant Coach at the same time you are registering your player.

Please note that Little League Baseball, Inc., requires that all coaches, assistant coaches, and other on-field volunteers complete the Little League Volunteer Application, including providing a copy of your driver’s license, to allow for a background check to be performed by the League.  You will be contacted separately about this process after you register to coach.